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Important Events Thus Far:

During the seven month period between the events at the end of the film and the time that Dr. Ostermeyer began working for Stark Industries, two things of significance happened.

The first was the official formation of a "superhero team" through the Avengers Initiative, called the Avengers. Both Tony Stark and Nick Fury of SHIELD were considered main contributers and took part in the founding of the group, but Stark declined to join the team and though he interacts with the group in other ways remains independent in his activities as Iron Man.

The Avengers exist in the role as something of an emergency response team, the members not performing regular superheroic activities together but rather gathering to form an elite and powerful task force in times of major crisis. The current roster is made up of Thor, the Hulk, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man and Wasp. The Avengers have two official bases to serve as headquarters, one in New York and another in California, and have access to significant technological resources and funding since they are sponsered through the government. The semi-official leader of the team is Captain America.

The second major event took place a few months after the debut of the Avengers when Earth fell under attack and attempted invasion by an army of alien warriors, a race known as the Skrulls. A large scale battle ensued during which the invaders were successfully repelled by the combined forces of the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Iron Man, War Machine, and several of the X-Men. Though so far it appears the Skrulls have yet to make another attempt as a result of their appearance government and private security is at an all-time high, due to the race's enhanced shapeshifting abilities and the current belief that several of their agents were already present on Earth months or possibly even years prior to the invasion.

Though Dr. Ostermeyer is obviously not connected with any active members of the superhero community, officially or otherwise, due to her employment at a high level of Stark Industries and her relatively close proximity to Tony Stark himself, she has had occasion to cross paths with several known superheroes. More specifically there have been during the past five months a few occasions during which she has found herself present at the times of some sort of crisis.

The first took place a short time after her transfer to Stark Industries, when the mercenary Silver Sable broke into the building and attempted to "steal" (one could argue kidnap) the prototype weapon produced by Deus Ex Machina, a task for which she had been hired by an unnamed third party. Sable locked down the building and was able to take most of the security grid offline, as well as isolate Mr. Stark so that he couldn't get to his Iron Man suit. Sable was defeated and forced to retreat empty-handed however at the interference of noted assassin Elektra, who was indebted to SHIELD for a favor, infiltrated the building and engaged the mercenary in hand-to-hand at their request, successfully distracting Sable until backup arrived.

The second incident occured when her employer coaxed her, with much reluctance on her part, to attend a large private party he was hosting on a yacht out at sea. A full day out the yacht was attacked by group of terrorists apparantly aiming to assasinate Tony Stark but they were subdued by Iron Man and some of the Avengers. The activity however had attracted the attention of Prince Namor of Atlantis, who launched an attack of his own and seemed prepared to declare full-scale war on the surface world, until he was successfully talked down into a tenative truce.

The third and final incident took place at yet another event she was invited to on Tony Stark's behalf, this time a Stark Industries fundraiser banquet. A well-advertised gathering known to be attended by many of the rich and famous, the event was attacked by a mutant criminal organization known as the Hellfire Club, led by a powerful mutant telepath calling herself the White Queen. At first the other mutant footsoldiers successfully held those present in check but when the situation looked to be getting out of hand the White Queen attempted to subdue everyone present by using her powers to render them effectively comatose, mentally trapped in idyllic dream-worlds created to fulfill their personal fantasies. The delusion was broken by both Tony Stark and Lt. Colonel Rhodes who were able to mentally resist and awaken, but not before Dr. Ostermeyer and the others had spent what felt like weeks to months in alternate timelines.
In the mental world created for her, Camilla was completely healthy and worked as head of the biomedical research division at Hammer Industries, as well as being married to a still-human Justin Hammer. The two also had a child together, a young daughter named Justine.
After being awoken, she has done her best to dismiss the experience as a meaningless hallucination and has kept quiet about the specifics of the dream-world she was trapped in. She has however since learned that some of the dreams were in fact mentally shared between individuals, and that her and Justin Hammer had the same dream.


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