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History/Relation to the Iron Man canon:

Several months prior to the end of the second film, Dr. Ostermeyer was approached by a secluded branch of the American military interested in having her head an R&D project in the creation of a cybernetic warrior - a combat ready weaponized robotic body powered by a human brain.

Dr. Ostermeyer's focus at the time was the hypothetical creation of cybernetic bodies as prothesis for those whose natural bodies had failed them. The idea was very important to her as she herself was slowly dying from a lung condition. Though the project's goal and her own interests were far from similar she signed on anyway, as she knew it was possibly the only way to get the funding and resources she needed for her work.

Project Deus Ex Machina (Dr. Ostermeyer will tell anyone who asks adamantly that she did not pick that name) was carried out in a top secret underground facility located in the Nevada desert. For a test subject the military "procured" Justin Hammer - who in addition to being sent to prison had had his entire company's assets seized by an angry government as compensation for the PR nightmare caused by his actions and the failure to uphold his military contract.

Hammer was not a volunteer nor even fully aware what the military intended to do to him. Dr. Ostermeyer was well aware of this. She carried out the procedure anyway, transferring his brain to a synthetic humanoid body built to visually mimic his own.

For almost a year Dr. Ostermeyer continued work on her test subject but was increasingly frustrated at having her own scientific intentions blocked and limited by the confines of the military's goals. She continued to make as many improvements to Hammer's body that would model it after normal human life as she could but her design advancements were constantly shot down by her military supervisors who were more interested in both stealth and combat capabilities.

Eventually the project was made known to Tony Stark, SHIELD and the Avengers Initiative. In the fallout from the resulting conflict the military termed the project a failure and, pending an official review, decided to dismantle it. Dr. Ostermeyer would've been reassigned, likely to a revamped version of the project where she would've had to start from scratch. Hammer - who was legally no longer considered a human being but government property - would've been either shipped off to permanant storage or dismantled completely.

Tony Stark learned of this however and chose to intervene. He purchased the "failed prototype" from the government and hired away Dr. Ostermeyer to work for Stark Industries, where he promised her she would be allowed to refocus her work to her actual interests.

For the past several months Dr. Ostermeyer has continued her research under Tony Stark's unmeddling but frequent supervision. She respects and is very grateful to her employer, and has developed something of a friendly acquaintence with both him and his frequent companions, Pepper Potts and Lt. Colonel James Rhodes. There is also strong mutual attraction between her and her "test subject", Justin Hammer, but Dr. Ostermeyer refuses to allow anything romantic to be initiated, due to her terminal status.


Camilla is a quiet, serious person. Her dedication is strong and focused and she possesses a very intelligent and creative scientific mind. Her sense of humor is usually shown by appreciating others' jokes rather than making her own. She is not uptight or conceited, but her work is very important to her and she puts it first before anything else. Both her fixed dedication and her terminal illness have made her personally and socially withdrawn. She is normally soft-spoken and precise, but when something manages to upset her her anger is sharp and intense. She is ultimately kind-hearted and has a sense of moral right and wrong but she does believe some extremes are acceptable in the name of the greater good and scientific progress. She has a strong tendency toward order and cleanliness, not to obsessive-compulsive standards although she does have a mild phobia of germs.


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