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Camilla Ostermeyer possesses a rare genetic defect which caused her to be born with little to no immune system in her respiratory system. In her youth she frequently suffered from colds and was seasonally prone to bronchitis, but since physical scans of her lungs revealed no abnormalities and a regular test of her immune system (which involved blood drawn from elsewhere on her body) showed no weaknesses it was believed she was fine physically, if only just nominally prone to illness.

Later in life after completing her graduate degree Camilla spent a short amount of time traveling to the Central and South Americas and Africa, studying the effects of physical ailments on individuals in impoverished conditions. Unbeknownst to her, it was in the jungles of South America that she caught a degenetarive virus normally unable to survive in humans. Her compromised respiratory tract however made for the perfect host environment for the disease.

Two years ago her condition was discovered, and she is aware that the tissue of her lungs is slowly but steadily disintegrating. At the time of her diagnosis it was stated she likely had seven to eight years left to live - the last two of which would probably be spent in a hospital bed, unable to move without a wheelchair or breath without an oxygen tank.

Camilla takes a daily drug regimen designed to help her compromised lungs continue to breath for her. If she misses her regimen, undergoes any physical or emotional stress that causes her breathing rate to rise, or has one of the occasional attacks of respiratory distress she has begun to suffer she can have a severe difficulty breathing with symptoms mirroring those of an asthma attack. She would likely die within minutes if not given a pneumatic injection in the throat of medicines designed to deconstrict her breathing pathway and settle her lungs; she typically carries at least one such injection on her person at all times and there is an emergency kit of more both in her bedroom and workspace.

Because of the weaknesses of her lungs Camilla cannot participate in any strenuous physical activities. She can walk but not fast or particularly far, and just about any recreational activity is out of the question. She formerly had a hobby of ballroom dancing but gave it up because any extended period of even slow-paced dancing would be too much for her system. Sex and physical intimacy is virtually impossible; any encounter would have to be very slow and gentle in order not to trigger an attack.

Her ideal working and living environments are a sterile and hermetically sealed, oxygen regulated workspace with either an attached sleeping area or a seperate bedroom that is simlarly sealed and outfitted. If possible she requests a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, as she occasionally sleeps in one to help alleviate her syptoms, or at the least that an oxygen tank be kept nearby.

Camilla is also mildly farsighted, for which she occasionally wears glasses, and she has a mild to moderate case of mysophobia (fear of germs), which is understandable given that in her condition even a common cold could turn into a months long ailment.


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