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Dr. Camilla Ostermeyer is an original character specifically designed for the Marvel movieverse. In particular she is associated with the canon from the second Iron Man movie.

Since she's an original character and has no personal canon to study or build from, I am always on the lookout for ways I can improve her and am interested in how she's coming across.

If you wish to contact me regarding either how you think I'm doing or for possible RP interaction, you may either leave a comment to this entry or PM this account.


The canon for this character is the Marvel movieverse; however she is also set a full year after the end of her associated movie, Iron Man 2. As such she exists in a somewhat hypothetical world that is partially based on my own assessments from the movies, partially based on my knowledge of the comics' canon.
If at any later point events from the films contradict her I will either label her as an AU or alter her accordingly - however at this point she is not, strictly speaking, off canon since she would be from the future from the perspective of most other movieverse characters.

If you play a character from her canon, I do not expect you to have to have your character acknowledge Camilla as if they already know her. I leave that entirely up to the decision of other players. Since Camilla herself is familiar with both alternate realities and time travel in her own canon, it will be simple enough to have her decide this is what's happened without her breaking the fourth wall.
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